Together For Ever

The 18th of may is the day I got inked. It was something that I have been considering for a long looong time (90’s joy: I will get a tribal tattoo, 00’s joy: it will be a lotus..suuure). Turns out: I got a bee and some roses.

The meaning behind the tattoo is something very personal, and who knows maybe I’ll elaborate on it at some point. For now, let’s just say it signifies staying together.

It was like the universe was telling me to get a tattoo. A few days before I finally made the decision I found a shop that had exactly the art and vibe I had been looking for for years. The shop is bright, spatious and very homey. The Tattoo Garden is a place that is inviting and feels like a boutique instead of a (scary?) tattoo parlour. let’s be honest, after you finally take the step of wanting a tattoo, you need to make a step into a shop and that can be a pretty intense threshold. You are going to a place that is going to mark you forever, and on top of that, it’s about something intimate and personal! The shop just needs to feel right.

This shop felt right for me, and all their art was exactly what I wanted: fine lines, dotting, black and white, elegant and feminine. Everyone in the shop was very nice and patient and honestly so talented.

My best friend went with me that day and I was so nervous…’would it hurt? would I regret it? O-M-G what the flip am I doing’. Soon these worries were soothed. My artist drew the first line and I knew this would be a piece of cake.

work in progres!

After two hours I was done. I went out with some friends, showed off my art and I can honestly say: it did not hurt, I don’t regret it and I did something for me. As long as you choose to do a tattoo for you, I don’t think you’ll ever regret doing it. It is a unique piece of art that represents you or something you find important. My artist did a stellar job and I get nothing but compliments about my new piece. If you ever want to check out their shop I’ll put a link here.

Anyways, take it easy and I’ll talk to you soon!


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