Playing Games

In my first blog I was worried I wouldn’t have anything profound to say. Buckle up kids because it turns out: I do! Also full disclosure.. I just really wanted to write something that would go well with this cool picture I (accidcentally) took this weekend. When I was younger I thought adults had it figured out. They know how to interact with each other, how to get what they want without childish devices. I thought that was something you naturally grow into. Now I am 25, I am still waiting for myself and others to grow into it…

Everybody experiences hardships when growing up and I am no exception. I am working different jobs and thus move in different environments. It is hard to talk to people, scary to claim what is yours, especially when everyone has their own agenda.

I feel a lot would be fixed if people could trust a bit more easily. Trust in myself, because I shouldn’t feel compelled to come up with 5 arguments to ask for something. Trust that me wanting it is sometimes a good enough reason. We should trust that others will help when we ask, not come up with strategies and work an angle right from the start. Trust is such an important thing, but at the same time so scary. Because it is so easy for someone to violate it.

I think people hate being hurt (well whaddaya know!) and thus figure they have to resort to games. Everyday some people feel inclined to play political chess with their friends, colleagues or partner. I would like to do my part and start having a little bit more trust (just in general). Not join into this crazy game of chess, but just kick back and chill with some checkers.

If you are wildly annoyed, because this blog is extremely unrelateble to you then I would like to congratulate you. You have found yourself in an environment where trust is ubiquitous and if you are willing to tell me your secrets I will always be willing to listen. I guess what I am trying to say is: let’s all decide to be nicer.

Anyways, take it easy and see you soon!


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