A Small Step for Blogs…

Writing a first blogpost is always a little awkward. Who am I talking to and, above all, what is it that I have to say? Should I be funny from the get go? Or have something profound to say? Truth is: I don’t think anyone has an answer to these questions…so why bother, Let’s just start writing!

I am excited to share content with people or to share what ever my brain-train comes up with. I love love LOVE nerd culture, I dream of Japan and ocassionally I love to write. Baddabim Baddaboom, this blog is born. A lot of the topics you will find here will be related to games, pop-culture, cooking (yes she is here too) or anything I just deem interesting enough to scream into cyber space. 

My name is Joy, I love the colour blue, enjoy eating suggary goodness (read garbage) and have utterly fallen in love with Japanese culture at the age of thirteen (although I think it was probably earlier now that I think about it). I owned my first gameboy when I turned five or six and nowadays spend my time screeming at Overwatch. 

Apart from the regular escapism program (movies, series..Netflix my love) I also get a lot of comfort out of food. Good food = good mood. That is why I have set a little goal for myself this year to also start learning how to actually cook, not make food, but cook (two vastly different things I know). You will probably see the fruits of my efforts on here, and I promise I will also share the mistakes(#nofilter). 

I hope you are as excited about this as I am and I will be able to teach, learn and share some amazing things with everyone. It is a small step for Blogs, but a giant leap for me!

Anyways take it easy and see you soon!


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